The Citizen Calibre 8700 Collection

I have quite a few ~$100-150 range watches, plus a nice (real) divers watch, etc. So I am somewhat familiar with watches. What I was looking for was something a little flashy, yet classy, that I could wear with jeans or a business suit, and had decent features, wasn't gaudy or in poor taste. My price range was anywhere from $50 up to Tags to Rolex, etc.. and while price was a consideration, if there was a watch I "fell in love with", I would have spent the money. That being said, I am extremely satisfied with the Citizen Calibre 8700. I originally was looking at the leather band watches, because I have *always* had issues with the metal link bracelets and my arm hair, wrist, etc. This one GIVES ME NO TROUBLE WHATSOEVER. It's also not sharp on the sides of the band (ala: Rolex), so it won't scrape you (or a loved one) up either. I was also looking closely at the Tag Link series. And while nice, they simply didn't have the features that this model has. I couldn't see spending $1400+ for a watch that I'd have to buy a watch winder box for, or put batteries in, that didn't have alarm, dual TZ, perpetual date, etc. etc. Additionally, the QUALITY of this watch is superb. I hand my watch to people that want to take a look at it--most say "wow that's heavy". But it's really not. It has a more solid feel than my ultra-thin watches, but I also forget I'm wearing it. The hands line up perfectly, it keeps great time, the alarm works well, etc. I was also comparing this to the Citizen Calibre 8700 with the moon-phase watches. And while I would LOVE to have moon phase, the addition of that function pushes the watch size to "Hey, is that your dad's watch" size. And I have skinny wrists so it (I) would have looked even more ridiculous with a big watch. Right now the watch [dial] is a perfect fit for my wrist. I also like the uniqueness of the BLUE face, over other face colors. And the roman numerals. I think the white face is a dressier look, if that's what you're looking for. The blue was the right choice for me; a little unique but still classy. In short, I have been wearing this watch for a few weeks now.. and absolutely love it. In fact, I have not worn any of my other watches since getting this one--if that tells you anything. And this is extremely unusual since, in the past, I have *never* had any luck with meatier watches.. especially with the link/metal bracelet. But this fits/wears awesome! I highly recommended at least checking out the Citizen watches in general. This is my first Citizen ever, and I am 100% satisfied with the brand and this model. And I'd bet that most of their other ones are good too. To me it comes down to spending less for something that's every bit as good as the "other" watches, and you'll likely get even more/better features to boot.

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